nom de plume

nom de plume

As you may have guessed, Angela Evans is not my given name. Like many authors I wanted to choose a name that was still me without using my name. Angela is my first name, my real name, and I chose to use that because I wanted readers to call me Angela

I’m Angela. I’m not Angie. There’s a difference. If you know anyone named Angie they probably do not like to be called Angela, right? I don’t like to be called Angie! It is like fingernails on a chalkboard–no exaggeration.

Evans is not, however, my last name. It’s the last name of the elementary school I attended.

Choosing a name for yourself is much more difficult than I ever anticipated that it would be. There were many times that I considered just throwing in the towel and using my real name, or my maiden name, but in my heart it didn’t feel right.

Then, late one night when my brain was doing its thing instead of letting me sleep Angela Evans appeared in my head and I knew instantly that I had discovered my pen name, or my nom de plume!

And with that sleepless night, Angela Evans was born!