Hiding In Plain Sight

I heard someone say recently that all romance novels are really just a retelling of the fairy tale in Cinderella. What do you think? Are all romance novels about a damsel in distress who is waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on his white horse and save the day?

Want to know what I think? I think Cinderella should have spoken up to Prince Charming and told him that was her shoe, told her stepmother to clean her own house, and her stepsisters to stuff a sock in it, and lived happily ever after with a guy who recognized her without the ball gown and glass slippers.

Cinderella Meme
I like a heroine who doesn’t wait to be rescued, but instead figures out how to do a little ass-kicking of her own. And maybe even rescues her Prince Charming while she’s at it. I hate when you’re watching a suspense filled movie and the heroine takes off running from the gunman in stiletto heels and twists her ankle. I’m always the one screaming at the movie screen for her to take those shoes off and use those heels as a weapon.

Mostly what I love in a romance is a set of characters that make me wish I could be their best-friend in real life, and I do not want to hang out with any wimpy girls. I want to watch the characters figure out just how strong they really are, and just as the bad guy swoops in have them both realize they’re a little bit tougher than they thought.

In my first novel, Hiding In Plain Sight, Kierra Centerand has studied martial arts for years. She hoped that the training she gained would help her regain her lost confidence and self-assuredness after the murder of her family. Ten years after the murder she returns to the small town where the murders happened and quickly realizes that the killer, her stepfather, is still lurking in the shadows. She also finds that the spark is definitely still there with her high school boyfriend. When her stepfather kidnaps her she discovers that all that training really did pay off, and she ends up saving her own life just before her would be rescuers come to save the day.

Personally one of my favorite movie scenes ever is the end of Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts tells Richard Gere that she’s going to ‘rescue him right back’, because that’s my kind of heroine right there.

Pretty Woman Fire Escape Scene

No offense to Prince Charming, I have nothing against a hot guy on a white horse (or a hot guy off of a white horse.) I just prefer my heroines to have a little backbone, after all, we all know which one is really the stronger of the two sexes, don’t we?

Shhh. Don’t tell the guys, we like to let them think that they’re really the tough ones.

Download your copy of Hiding In Plain Sight now and see what I mean when I say “I LOVE a heroine who kicks a little ass!”

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Hiding In Plain Sight by Angela Evans