For almost twenty years I’ve truly felt like there were no clothes that fit my body in a way that could accomplish the two things I most wanted my clothing to accomplish. Those two things are: Be flattering to my body, and make me feel comfortable while wearing them.

After I gained weight I went from having a difficult time finding clothes that fit my tall frame, to finding it nearly impossible to find clothes that fit my frame that also let me feel comfortable and flattered. I went through various phases with my style, but they all held one thing in common: I bought the least expensive things I could find that actually fit.

You see, I didn’t like the way I looked, I didn’t like the clothes that fit me so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them. What I didn’t realize is that by buying clothes that were cheaply made and inexpensively priced I was reinforcing an idea to myself that was sabotaging my self-esteem. I was telling myself over and over again that I didn’t deserve to look nice because I was fat. So every time I had to actually leave the house I would panic with the idea of oh no, what on earth was I going to wear? I would put on clothes from my closet and then when I was out and about I’d catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or in a reflective surface and think oh my goodness, I look awful! Thing would always be too short, making me have to pull at my top to keep it from revealing my stomach. Or they were tight in places that weren’t flattering.

On a whim I decided to try a subscription styling service because honestly I thought there’s no way they could do a worse job of finding things that look good on me than I was already doing! When my first box came I was so excited to try everything on and was shocked to find that every single item not only fit me perfectly but was so flattering I couldn’t wait to try them on and show my husband. Several items in that box were dressier than I had a need for, as a work-at-home mom I have very few reasons to get dressed up. So I didn’t keep everything, but I did keep a pair of jeans that fit me PERFECTLY and a very cute top that I’ve worn pretty often already.

My next box was even better, and I kept a few more items. But my third box, that was when I struck gold and kept every single item! Another pair of jeans, a sweater, 2 tops, and a scarf. Each item includes 5 items, and if you keep them all you get a pretty nice discount.

So far I’ve gotten 4 boxes total, and each month I’m so excited to try everything on in the privacy of my own bedroom–not in a dressing room with horrible fluorescent lights. Some of the items are things I know I would never have chosen and tried on in a store, but they are always flattering on.

I will admit that the three pairs of jeans I’ve kept so far all hold the record for being the priciest jeans I’ve ever bought. Which isn’t saying a lot since they didn’t come from Walmart or Target where I’ve usually paid around $19.99 for jeans. (3 pairs of jeans is also the record for the most pairs I’ve ever owned at once.) But they also FIT! Did I mention that I’m 5’11”? Do you know how hard it is to find anything long enough when you have legs that long? I actually look forward to wearing them all with boots or shoes with a heel. AND they stay up! No constantly tugging at them.

Okay enough gushing right? This is not me selling you on a service so I’m not going to include links or mention any brands in particular, if you’re interested you can email me and I’m happy to share! I will tell you how the process works. I filled out a pretty extensive questionnaire that asked questions like what colors and patterns I like and dislike. What parts of my body I prefer to cover up, and show. Where I usually shop, what my budget is, and more. Each time I get a box I have another survey to rate each item based on quality, fit, price, etc. I can return anything I don’t like for free, and anything I keep is automatically billed to my credit card. I pay a $20 styling fee each month when the box is shipped, and that $20 comes off the cost of the first item I buy.

Now to the important stuff. I actually look forward to leaving the house, over the holidays everyone has more places to go and you see people you might not see outside of the holidays. I had something to wear to each and every party and family gathering that I felt confident, comfortable, and flattered in. I was excited to plan outfits and do my hair and makeup to compliment my wardrobe. I actually have a wardrobe! My side of the closet is starting to fill up!

If you’re like me and rarely spend any money on yourself, but then also struggle with self-esteem and your appearance I highly recommend checking into a service like this that caters to your body type. There are so many of them catering to plus sizes, petites, you name it. Find one and try it, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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