Where are the Barefoot Bay Kindle World titles?

You may have heard that Amazon has pulled the plug on their Kindle Worlds program so the Barefoot Bay titles through that program are no longer available. But don’t worry they will be back! We are currently in the process of working with another platform that will allow us to make the titles available again and in many formats they weren’t available in before. (Print! Nook! You name it!)

What if you already bought the titles?

If you previously purchased the titles through Amazon you will always have the titles available on your device. If you read them through the Kindle Unlimited program they may have disappeared, I’m not sure.

Why did this happen?

While this was a frustrating change that we didn’t expect to have to deal with I believe that the new program will be bigger and better than it was before. I’m personally excited to be able to explore new options for these titles and let them find a brand new market they weren’t available to before.

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for updates both here on my website, through my newsletter, and on social media. I’ll be jumping for joy and shouting it from the rooftops when these titles are back on the market. I know that you all loved them as much as I do.


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