Are you ready to kick off your shoes & fall in love?

You remember the stories set in the world created by my friend and best-selling author Roxanne St. Claire, I know you do. They’re probably on your keeper shelf (they’re definitely on mine!). I was honored to be invited by Rocki to create 3 stories on the sun-kissed shores of Barefoot Bay through the Kindle World program and I was heartbroken when that program came to an end. I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that the stories are back and the best part is they’re available everywhere, for every device and (drumroll please!) in PRINT for the first time ever.

The Dangerously Series is truly some of my favorite stories I have ever written. I love these characters and I love these stories almost as much as I loved the 18 original stories that Rocki created in Mimosa Key. Who wouldn’t love to dream about staying at Casa Blanca with all those amazing couples? Well, my stories take place right there on Barefoot Bay and you’ll see many of Rocki’s characters on the pages of my book. (I still can’t believe it’s true, I got to use some of my favorite characters from Rocki’s books in MY stories!)

Can you say…print books?

Since we can now release these stories to everyone and in every format I’ve done just that and bundled my three books together and made them available in print. I love this cover, and I love everything about being able to let you read all three stories without missing a beat.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick off your shoes, and fall in love!

P.S. If you would rather grab the books individually don’t worry, just head up to the “books” tab at the top of my website and you can choose your favorite retailer from there. 

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