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These are some strange times we’re livin’ in my friend. I never thought that my family and I would be quarantined at home for weeks (or months) on end. While my husband and son are “essential” workers (it’s weird to think your 16 yr old son is essential to a country by the way), and therefore leaving the house every day my daughter and I are not. Even an introvert like me who works from home is starting to feel the effects of simply not being able to go out and do anything, see people, interact with others. I am finding a lot of relief from the cabin fever and stir craziness feeling in two or three things.

First: We’ve done a LOT of home improvement projects.

You know those types of projects like painting the trim, and cleaning the windows or gutters that just seem to be procrastinated because you don’t have time to do them? Well, that is certainly not a valid excuse these days is it? (Not that procrastination isn’t still my love language you understand…)


Second: Lots & Lots of BAKING!

My college daughter is home and we’re both big bakers and carb lovers. We’ve baked cookies & bread until we’re constantly needing more flour. I figure it’s a comfort and also gives us something to do. Plus, what smells better than fresh-baked bread? If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks.


Third: Losing myself in a really good book!

Let’s face it, escaping into a book is the best escape there is from everyday life, right? Have you read anything amazing lately? Tell me more…I am starting to see the bottom of my TBD pile and that’s a scary sight.

In case you’re like me and find yourself reading more than usual, I thought I would help everyone out and put my 3 Barefoot Bay titles up for sale for just 99c for a limited time. That’s 3 chances to escape quarantine right onto the luxurious sandy beaches of Barefoot Baysigh!

I also added the trilogy, that’s all 3 titles bundled together in ebook form for just $3.99. So if you’d rather scoop them all up at once for uninterrupted reading and escapism, go right ahead!

I know it’s a small thing to do, but I really do want you all to know that I’m thinking of you right now and give you a chance to escape the day-to-day stress of life and uncertainty in some small way.

Find the books for sale wherever you shop:

Dangerously Sweet

Dangerously Distracted

Dangerously Exposed


Dangerously: Sweet, Distracted & Exposed.

Stay well, we’re in this together!


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