Blake "Dex" Dexter has been undercover so long, and so deep, that even he can't separate the real Dex from his cover story anymore. A week in Barefoot Bay would sound like paradise to anyone else, but to Dex, it sounds like way too much time to spend alone with his own thoughts until he meets Amelia Barton, then he thinks it might not be enough time.

Amelia Barton had her whole life planned out like she plans a recipe for one of her decadent cakes, but somewhere along the way she got seriously off track. When a cheating fiancée is exposed she decides to take her dream honeymoon alone. Barefoot Bay feels more like home to her than she's ever felt in Alaska. And then there's the sexy cop who seems unsure whether he wants to pull her closer, or keep her at arm's length. Amelia knows which one she wants him to do.

When Dex's cover is blown and the drug cartel follows him to Barefoot Bay, Amelia is suddenly a target. Dex is determined to keep her safe, but the only way he can see to do that is by keeping her away from him. Amelia has finally found the recipe for her sweet life, but can she convince Dex that their love is worth the risk?

This story is set in a world based on Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Series; it is published with the permission of Roxanne St. Claire. Visit her website for links to her books and more information.

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Reviews:Author Amanda Heger wrote:

"Dangerously Sweet is a quick read, full of suspense, steam, and happy sighs. It had me on the edge of my seat, laughing, and swooning--sometimes all within the same chapter.
(Warning: do not read this if you're on a diet. The descriptions of Amelia's cakes had my mouth watering.)"

Scandal on Scandalicious Book Reviews wrote:

"The story is short but the drama is definitely not lacking, nor is the sexual chemistry. Dex is skilled at the pipe laying to say the very least. I've said it before but it bears repeating, telling such a detailed story in such a limited number of pages is not an easy task. Evans manages to paint us a picture and weave a journey for this couple that is both well planned and executed. Amelia is a strong heroine, I mean she's from the Alaskan wilderness for pete's sake - I think you guys will enjoy her. I plan on dipping my toe into the Barefoot Bay series whenever I need a little break or a pick me up - these novellas really hit the spot!"

Christi Snow on Smitten with Reading wrote:

"This is definitely a book that I'd recommend. It was engrossing and really well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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