Mari Reynolds sees the world through the filter of her camera's lens. Working as a high fashion photographer she's built her career on not giving in to the fashion industry's demands of creating unattainable images of beauty. When Mari finds herself at the center of a scandal around her photos she seeks refuge in Barefoot Bay. A lifetime of building a career she's proud of is threatened and she doesn't know by who or why. While hiding out and hoping the storm blows over she finds herself drawn to a sexy stranger and for the first time, she doesn't long to hide behind the safety of her camera.

Brett Williams, former Army Ranger, makes a living by never missing a detail so he can keep his high-profile security clients safe. That skill honed over years in the military and years in the security business is what alerted him to Mari standing on the beach, hiding behind her camera studying him through her telephoto lens. That keen attention to every detail is why he's determined to find out what's troubling Mari and keep her safe.

Mari has spent a lifetime keeping the world and any potential relationships at lens-length, using her camera as a buffer between her and the world. Brett finds himself suddenly beginning to crave the family roots that he sees forming all around him, but when things get hot will he be able to choose Mari over the loyalty he feels to a fellow Army Ranger on the wrong side of the law?


This story is set in a world based on Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Series; it is published with the permission of Roxanne St. Claire. Visit her website for links to her books and more information.

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Reviews:Christi Snow on Smitten with Reading wrote:

I definitely recommend it.

Scandal on Scandalicious Book Reviews wrote:

Like I mentioned earlier, Evans packs a lot into a little novella. It takes a special skill to give us such a deeply detailed story without rushing or data dumping. Evans manages to craft relatable characters, with very relatable responses to physical attractions. I mean the chemistry is pretty hot between these two, but, there is also an openness to their personalities that allows them to communicate outside of the physical in a believable way. Add in the suspense portion of the show and you have a very well rounded and intriguing novella on your hands! We get little cameos from past characters but you can absolutely start your Barefoot Bay journey here. I get a little giddy every time I get an email from Evans letting me know she has a new addition to the series. Check it out!

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