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Many years ago, when I was a very young woman, I had a pair of dreams. Those dreams were to become a wife and mother, and to be a published author of romance novels.

When I met my own personal hero, and found our happily ever after, life got very busy and the dream of writing and publishing was pushed to the back burner. A few years later, when I fulfilled the dream of becoming a mother to two beautiful children, that writing and publishing dream became pushed even further to the back of my mind.

As my children grew older it occurred to me that the best way to show them that they should chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles life puts in their way, was to chase my own long forgotten dreams and lead by example. So I started writing, but I didn’t write romance at first, I wrote about my life, about motherhood, and about anything that interested me.

My love of romance was still very strong, it’s all I read, and I craved a new book from a favorite author like I craved chocolate and salty snacks together. Every time I cracked open a new book by one of my favorite authors I felt the nagging craving in my heart to create my own characters and to maybe have someone eagerly checking to see when my newest book was coming out, and complaining that I wrote far too slowly.

I didn’t talk about it to anyone else, for fear they would think I was crazy, or odd (I am odd, I just didn’t want anyone else to realize it!) and then one day I shared my dream with a friend and she said the most magical words anyone can ever hear, “Oh me too!”.

And so, I started putting those story ideas that were always dancing around in my imagination down on paper. I committed my goals and my dreams to paper, I invested in it, I scheduled time for it, I told my family about it and I did my best to not feel guilty that I was doing something that was just for me, if you’re a mom you understand.

Months went by and I write a little every day, I became more and more addicted to the sensation of bringing my story to life, but I didn’t share my story with anyone yet. The day that I finally wrote “The End” at the end of my story I couldn’t sleep, I was filled with adrenaline and the urge to share my story with everyone I knew!

That’s where you come in!