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  Prologue   May 2005 A full moon lit up the sidewalk better than any street light ever could, casting shadows through the tree branches and making everything just a bit mysterious. The air was warm enough to not need a jacket, but the oppressive heat of summer wasn’t yet sending everyone hurrying to the comfort of air conditioning. The entire evening had the hint of magic to it, warm summer temperatures, impending freedom from school, and a sky combined to make a night of amazing memories. It had been a night of trying new things for Kierra Centrand. The

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  Early in my writing career the advice I heard repeatedly was to write what I knew. But in writing romantic suspense I quickly realized I couldn’t write what I know—I mean I don’t know anything about having a psycho for a stepfather who kills my family—it’s more about writing what scares me. Not just scares me, but absolutely terrifies me. I have to tap into that part of my mind that secretly still wonders if there are monsters under my bed, in my closet, and in the laundry room. What? You don’t have monsters in your laundry room? Are

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I am excited to tell you that I have a release date for Hiding In Plain Sight! I’m still waiting on the cover image so keep checking this page. Until then here’s an excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight to keep you happy while you wait! Hiding In Plain Sight will be available on February 11th, until then here is an sneak peek to tide you over! He watched as she enjoyed another sip of her coffee. She loved coffee more than anyone he had ever known. Drinking coffee had never been something he considered sexy before he shared a morning

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November 6, 2015

Sneak Peek!

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