Dangerously: Sweet, Distracted & Exposed
Part of the Barefoot Bay: Dangerously series:
Editions:Paperback - 11.99
ISBN: 1727350618
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 302
Pages: 304

Three Women in Danger
Three Men Sworn to Protect
Three Hot Reasons to Fall In Love!

Dangerously Sweet
Amelia Barton plans life the way she plans a recipe for one of her sinful desserts. When a cheating fiancée is exposed she ditches her family's remote Alaskan hunting lodge for the shores of Barefoot Bay on her dream honeymoon--alone. Detective Blake "Dex" Dexter has been so deep undercover for so long even he can't separate the truth from his cover story anymore. For anyone else a week in Barefoot Bay would sound heavenly, for Dex it sounds like torture. Until he meets Amelia, then he thinks maybe paradise isn't so bad after all. When the drug cartel he is trying to bust follows him to the sun-kissed beaches Dex thinks the only way to keep Amelia safe is to keep her far away from him. Can Amelia convince Dex their love is worth any risk?

Dangerously Distracted
Leslie Manning made the mistake of falling head over heels once, she ended up with two beautiful sons and not much else. She doesn't intend to ever make that mistake again! Except with celebrity bodyguard Michael Duncan she isn't so sure at arm's length is where she wants to keep him. Michael has built a business and a celebrity clientele on his legendary focus never being off the mark, but with Leslie around all he wants to focus on is getting to know the young widow and her two boys. With all of Michael's attention on Leslie he just might miss the one threat that could cost him everything.

Dangerously Exposed
World famous photographer Mari Reynolds has spent a lifetime keeping the world and any potential relationships at lens-length, using her camera as a buffer between her and the world. She's built a career she's proud of standing up to the fashion industry and their perverse standards of beauty. When she finds herself at the center of a scandal, she seeks refuge in Barefoot Bay and finds herself drawn to a sexy stranger who makes her forget all about hiding. Brett Williams is a former Army Ranger turned security specialist who makes a living on his ability to never miss a detail. Brett finds himself suddenly beginning to crave the family roots that he sees forming all around him, but when the Russian mob tracks Mari down, will he be able to choose her over the loyalty he feels to a fellow Army Ranger on the wrong side of the law?

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Reviews:Geri on Amazon wrote:

These were good books! I love Barefoot Bay stories! Angela Evans keeps your attention from page one to the end.

PattyePro on Amazon wrote:

I have been reading the Barefoot Bay books for awhile. I recently started reading all of the Barefoot Bay World books and have been enjoying all of them. These three by Angela Evans were so captivating. It was really hard to stop reading at any point in these. Thanks Angela for these -- loved them!

Enjoy all three Barefoot Bay: Dangerously Books in one bundle available in either e-book or print formats.

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